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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Jan. 31st . . . a "free 3.0" recovery run

A 5 mile total recovery run. This is the last run in my 7 day running cycle when my legs are the most fatigued and it follows my long run. I've learned to take it very easy on this day. I concentrate on form and alignment and I never run fast on this day. In fact, I shuffle more than I run.

I also call this day, "a blood flow" day where I'm just running to loosen up and increase blood flow as part of my recovery from my long run and in preparation for Wednesday's hard session which precedes my one day off each week (Tuesday). I ran in the Nike Free 3.0's and they are a great recovery run tool. The slight arch support use to bother me but not anymore as it allows my foot to rest. And since I'm running so slow, it's not a problem.


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