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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, Jan. 28th . . . starting to really feel good . . .

You can't ask for better weather to run in. It was nice, cool and 45F. I knocked off 5 miles at a nice comfortable 8:30 pace. I wore the Evo II's and I was smiling while I was running because I just love the Evo's. The ability for your foot to land and completely flatten is very difficult, if not impossible in regular running shoes and that's the motion my feet love.

There's still some doubt as to what caused the pain in my right foot last month. I've isolated 4 potential things but it could be a combination of some of them or something very simple.

First, I started running too hard, too often and turned my long easy run into a tempo run for about 7 straight weeks.

Second, on the morning when my right foot was sore, I didn't back off and I did 8 miles at 10k pace and that started the 2-3 days of pain.

Third, I was playing around with my arm placement.

Fourth, I stopped rotating shoes for about 7-8 weeks.

However, I'm starting to doubt whether it was my arm placement or the shoe rotation. It may be as simple as I ran too hard too often and over-loaded the muscles and tendons in my foot. And, that combined with not backing off when the foot was sore and running really hard may have caused the issues.

I'm meeting with my coach and PT today for a gait analysis and they'll take a look at me running barefoot and in Evo's and a couple of my racing shoes. It should be interesting and I'll report back the results. It may be that I should use a racing shoe, which for me is effectively a trainer, for long runs and 1-2 recovery runs and otherwise run in the Evo's. I'll have to play around for the next couple months with defining a good shoe rotation but I want to be very careful because I perfected my form and technique running barefoot and in Evo's and my feet are very strong as a result so I don't want to weaken my feet running in cushioned and heel elevated shoes too often.

Maybe the trick is sprinkling in some regular shoe running to give my feet a rest from time to time.


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