Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Total Runner's Euphoria

Just finished 20 mile run.  3 hr. 8 min. 9:20 pace.  Totally hit the runner's zone . . . it doesn't get better than that . . . 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Goes On (Day 25 Standing at Work)

Yea, 25 days of Standing-at-Work completed.  Now, the question is whether that qualifies as a month.  It was 4 work weeks; 20 work days, but not a full month in terms of # of days.  So, to avoid the complaints from the folks that made the original bet with me, I’ll stand all next week to make it 30 work days.  No biggie ya’ complainers; standing another week is no big deal especially since I’m going to stand from now on anyway.

I had lunch with a former colleague at my prior company.  It was a fun lunch.  It’s just funny how the past really becomes the past quickly.  You work with folks for many years; then you all leave and re-connect every now and then.  It really shows the separation between friend/family and people you work with.  The former last forever; the latter is only for the period of time you work together; and few folks in the latter move to the former.  Like they say, “Life Goes On.” 

I wonder what drove me into running and now has become part of my soul.  I think I was looking for an escape and running provided the escape but it also started to re-set my life; became something spiritual; and opened my eyes to what really matters in my life. 

Life is just interesting; we control so little.  It just goes where it wants to go.  But, you can control some aspects including what you eat; how you treat your body; etc.  Those are key areas we do control.  So, get up outta that chair and start working out.  Just getting those aspects moving will start other things moving in your life.


Awesome Easy Run

It was a easy run day.  Left at 5:30 am; clear blue sky; crisp air; 47 min., 5.29 miles; just very relaxing.  Tomorrow is the long run; 2 hr. 20 min.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stand-at-Work and Avoid the Idiots (Day 24)

Day 24.  Stood for half the day, the morning that is; about 4.5 hours.  Attended a meeting in the afternoon so I had to sit.  Got my butt kicked in yoga; the toughest yoga class yet.  The instructor lets the class dictate the type of day; she asked and I said a “wake the body up” routine but, of course, the rest of the class, said a high tempo day and then it was on.  It was so tough that half way through, she said, “ok, let’s set started,” and someone said we started 30 minutes ago; that gives you a sense of the intensity.  2 folks just got up and left at the end of class.  Of course, I’m too competitive to quit so I made it through but, truth be told, 5 more minutes and I would have keeled over. 

So, what gave me the endurance to make it through the class?  Well, a lot of things which included Standing-at-Work.  My legs and back are much stronger from standing everyday which helps when we hit the tough core exercise part of yoga; we had a lot of core today and it was tough.

Before we continue, let me get the 3 daily thoughts out:

  1. I hate when people interrupt me while I’m speaking so now I just continue to talk over them until they get the message (of course, some idiots never get the message).
  2. I hate attorneys (and I am one although I don’t practice anyone); I see why folks can’t stand them and why there’s so many jokes about us; I think folks go to law school because generally they didn’t excel in math or science and they don’t want to be a cop.
  3. It’s hard taking the stairs all day but better than riding on elevators with idiots; I was losing brain cells with the latter.

And, another thing better than riding the elevator with idiots is Standing at Work.  Why?  Because, the idiots that come in your office don’t stay long because they aren’t comfortable standing for long periods of time.  Plus, if you stand, you can slowly move toward the door like you are heading to the restroom or to get some water.  If, for nothing else, think about it this way; the benefits of Standing are similar to using that “call back” application on your iPhone.  You know the app, it’s called “Fake Calls.”  You hit the button to the app, and you call yourself.  It’s awesome.  I had a back to school night and one of the parents was one of those typical “I’m so important “ folks that like to “drop names.”  You know the folks.  I couldn’t get away from this annoying women (I kept asking myself, who would marry this woman; of geez, I feel sorry for her husband).  In any event, I couldn’t get away so I hit the fake call button; called myself; had a fake conversation which allowed me to step away, and of course, never return.

See, once you think about Standing, the benefits are endless.

See ya.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Run

1 hr., 7.39 miles, with 3 min. strong; 2 min. easy, 5 times.  

One of the fun runs.  I left at 5:30 am and didn't see a human for the first 45 minutes.  Doesn't get more peaceful than that.  Also, listened to my coyote neighbors screaming.  They are nice enough to let me invade their territory every morning.

Just Stand (Day 22 & 23)

Day 22 and 23 as I missed providing an update yesterday but all is well.  I stood yesterday and today for 6th hours.  I feel oh so good.  A healthy body and mind just improves every aspect of life.  I have to give so much credit to yoga also as that completed my spiritual circle.  I run to stay healthy but I also fell in love with running because of the spiritual and emotional impact.  There’s nothing like running at 5am and not seeing another human (of course, I see my coyote friends but they don’t bother me). 

Then, you add standing at work all day and the blood flow continues and you just feel great.  Don’t believe me?  Well, in addition to all the evidence and data I’ve presented, take a look at this article where a school is testing requiring students to stand during class to combat the child obscenity issues that are plaguing our society.  Again, we weren’t built to sit all day; hence, get outta that chair (and off your ass):

Ok, quick diversion to my top 3 thoughts/questions today:

  1. I still want to slap those folks that enter the elevator before folks exit.  To avoid the altercation, I’ve decided to just take the stairs as I concede the elevator to those idiots of the world
  2. On day’s I don’t want to run, I just force myself to take one step at a time then eventually the running itch kicks in, and all is good.  Well, this also applies to work; if you get hit with a project or assignment that is complicated, don’t try to figure out how it may come out, just come up with a starting point and move forward and eventually things call into place.
  3. I sure hope President Obama has really smart economists around him . . . actions and results are king now; no way to talk your way around the current situation.

Now, back to the standing stuff.  I’m really close to removing my main hair, thus requiring that I stand all the time other than possibly leaning against the edge of my file cabinet.  If I’m fully committed to standing, then I don’t need the crutch of a chair.  Just like if you quick smoking, you wouldn’t leave a pack of cigs in your pocket, right?

I’m out.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Does it Touch Your Soul? Day 21 Standing

Beginning of week 4 and I stood for 6+ hours.  I’m standing so long it’s easier to just highlight the short moments when I sit.  I had a tough tempo run this morning but my legs held up pretty good.  It’s always a tough day after the weekend long run (I ran 15 miles on Saturday; took Sunday off; and returned with a 1 hr. fast tempo run this morning).

Now, jumping to my top 3 thoughts while standing: 

1.      Does it touch your soul?  Does it improve your life?  If you can’t answer “yes” to both, it’s probably not worth it.

2.      Why do I love running?  It’s because running is my private time, my therapy, my religion.

3.      I watched a runner at lunch run by a group smoking?  I wonder how those folks feel knowing they are smoking and killing themselves and the running dude is staying healthy.

 Now, back to standing as I’m going to continue to preach about staying healthy.  Today I watched how stressed folks can get at work and I use to be one of them.  The difference for me?  Running, Yoga, and staying healthy has changed my entire view of myself, my family, and the world.  Stuff just doesn’t stress me out much anyone.  First of all, I’m so clam after running that there’s not enough hours in the day to get me worked up again and the next days, I’m off to run or yoga again and the healthy circle continues.  Standing is another key element in my health push.

 Does it work?  Well, I’m basically the same weight as I was in high school and I turn 40 this year.  My % of body fat is practically the same; sure, I don’t have the muscles I had in high school/college but I don’t have the fat (the stomach is still flat).  I’ve listened to folks take different meds and stuff to lose weight.  Here’s the thing; I lost 35 lbs. in 3 months by just running 2 miles every other day; that was 3 years ago.  Now, I run about 40 miles per week + 3 days of yoga.

 I’m telling you anyone can do it.  Just start with something small.  Maybe it’s standing at work for 1 hr. every day.  Or, maybe it’s running 1 mile every other day.  The point is, Get Outta’ That Chair!!!!!!!!!!  Or, if that message isn’t clear enough, Get Off Your Ass!!!!!

Peace Out.


Monday Morning Tempo Run

tempo run this morning:

1 hr. - 7.06 miles - 8.30 pace (max 7.50 pace for 2.77 miles)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture of Where I Ran Yesterday

Weekend of Chess

At my son's chess tournament.  He's doing well . . . However, now that I stand at work all day, it's very hard to sit at tournaments during the weekend.  I'm constantly standinga and sitting . . . folks must think I'm hyper.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Run Saturday

Just finished 14.5 miles in 2 hr. 6 min.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Outta That Chair (Day 20)

3 weeks Standing-at-Work.  Those folks should not have made this bet.  No doubt I will win this thing; only 1 week left.  But, I will continue to stand even after I prove these fools wrong.  I stood for most of the day but this is not a day to talk about what I did.  This morning I attended a very difficult funeral for a very special friend.  His name is Paul and he passed away in his left last Friday; only 49 yrs. old.  His wife Holly is a terrific person and Julia is their daughter.  She was so strong at the funeral and I can’t imagine how you deal with something like this.  It’s so close to home; Paul and Holly were college sweethearts just like me and Maria; they were soul mates and Maria is my soul mate.  Every prayer and thought I can possibly muster will be for Holly, Julia and their family. 

I’ll pick this up next week but please pray for my friend and their family.  I have faith but it is being tested right now.  I’ll never understand “why” special people leave this earth so early/too early.


Sad Day

Heading to a friend's funeral . . . very very sad.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Import

Standing Day 19 and 3 random thoughts

Get Outta That Chair (Day 19)

End of Day 19 and feeling good. I’m still amazed how good I feel compared to how I felt after sitting all day; especially sitting after running. I actually look forward to standing after my workouts.

Now, I had some downtime today so as I Stood, I looked at purchasing a blog application from a hosting company. This is pretty funny considering I spent 10 years in the hosting industry but I have to say, the available products generally suck. I’ll leave my former company unnamed but the blog apps are terrible. Actually the free blogs are better than the commercial ones; heck, most commercial ones use freeware such as wordpress anyway … what a ripe off. I ordered a blog/hosting plan from Yahoo yesterday and the damn thing frustrated me so much that I cancelled it this morning; they can keep my $11.95 for one month; the product sucks; the order management sucks; the templates suck. I looked at Godaddy and they suck. If you know of a compelling blog product, please let me know ( Otherwise, I’ll just stick with my free Tumblr blog.

What else? Got my butt kicked in Yoga again … my instructor tried to make me feel better and said it will take some time as my body adjusts to the stretches and movements plus it is always hard for runners. Truth or not, it made me feel better. Also, had a meeting with a 33 yr. old SVP of a major media company … what a downer … damn, I’m almost 40 and this young dude is already at that level; where did I go wrong? But, look at the bright side, dude is out of shape; doesn’t and can’t stand all day; and can’t run around the block. So, all things equal, I feel better. I know, what a self serving and childish response … so what, this isn’t about you.

I’m thinking I need to add something to my daily summary. So, here it is; given that I’m so much smarter and wiser due to standing, I will include my top 3 ah ha thoughts everyday (true things that happened that day):

1. People that enter to elevator before everyone gets off should get their ass kicked.
2. It’s not good to write an email to a potential employer and say “I’m not sure what I want to do.”
3. Take a Mason drinking jar, feel it with water and place it on the table at a C-Level meeting.

From the Standing position, I’m out.


Search Data

  • Looking for a company that will license data/information regarding businesses in a general zip code (i.e., name, location, phone #, URL, hrs. open, etc.). Any suggestions?
My tempo run this past weekend

My tempo run this past weekend

still standing strong … closing in on 3 weeks … daily update forthcoming

still standing strong … closing in on 3 weeks … daily update forthcoming

looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day outside wondering why I’m stuck in this office
any suggestions on where I can license data on businesses within a zip code (address, name, url, hrs. of operation, etc.)?
got my butt kicked in yoga yet again

Get Outta That Chair (Day 18)

Yea, I stood all day again today. I have a lot to write but I’m too tired. Will catchup tomorrow. Keep standing strong.


60 min. morning run; 5x1x4 strong; 6.9 miles
eating sushi for lunch
damn whole foods is expensive

Strong Morning Run

60 min. with 5x1x4 strong; 6.9 miles

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strong Tempo Run

Run this morning:

60 min. with 5x1x4 strong
6.9 miles

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly Update

Finished the week with 4 days running with an average of 7.5 miles per day; the other 3 days were power core yoga.  Oh yea, can't forget that a stood all day at work each day also.  Not a bad week.  Starting to increase miles as a push closer to the marathon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Easy Run

Slow pace but very relaxing.  Tomorrow is the 1.5 hr. run as I move closer to the marathon.  Now, I start scaling up in terms of long runs every weekend.

Time:   48.30
Distance: 5.3 m
Pace: 9.11

Seems to me that my "Standing at Work" should also be included in this calculation somehow -


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1 hr. pace run

1 hr.; 7.13 miles; 8.25 pace


20min 2.27miles 8.48pace   5 min 0.59 miles 8.29pace   5min 0 .63 miles 7.56pace   5min 0.63 8.00pace   5 min 0.7 0 7.08pace   20 min 2.31miles 8.4pace

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

11 Weeks to M-Day

Finished 50 min. run with 3 x 6 min. strong/2 min. easy on hilly course . . . this is after suffering 2 days of the stomach flu . . . thought I'd die but made it

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick but Ran Anyway

Continued to battle the flu yesterday but had to run today to get back on schedule with the marathon only 11 weeks away.  I was a hard tempo run . . . barely made it considering I didn't eat much that last 48 hours.  Here's what I did:

* 13 min. at half marathon pace
6 min. x 2 min. recovery, each time at 10k pace
* 13 min. warm down


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Too Sick to Run

Very unhappy today.  I think I have the stomach flu.  I'm too sick to run.  I was looking forward to a long run today.  AHHHH!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Peaceful Run

Just finished 5 miles at 8.18 per mile and 8x100 meter sprints.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tempo Run

Not bad this morning.  5.4 miles/8.05 pace, finished in 45 min.  Not great but I'll take it considering the first 15 minutes were warmup at conversational pace (9 min. mile) but I recovered to run sub 8 for the remaining 3+ miles to average 8.05.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hot Yoga Day

Just finished a morning 1 hr. hot yoga session.  It was awesome but very different that the Core-1 Yoga.  More focus on the muscle tightness and stretching vs. power and strength.  Very interested to see how my time is tomorrow when I run.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pounding the Pavement

Great run today but a little upset.  I meant to run a sub 8 min. mile for 5 miles but I finished with 8:03 per mile; so close; very frustrating!

Great Recovery Run

5.15 miles in 41.30.  I felt strong.  Wonder if the yoga is helping.

Monday, February 2, 2009

90 days to marathon

Started training today for a May 3rd marathon. Finished 2 miles at conversational pace (8.25 min. mile); followed by 3 miles at pace (8 min. miles); and finished with a 2 mile cool down (9 min. mile).

Also, mixing in 2 days of Yoga (1 core + 1 hot yoga/weekly).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feelin' Good

Body feels great after yoga this morning.

Yoga to Supplement Running

Just completed my first yoga class.  It was a humbling experience but it was awesome.  I will continue to give it a go as a supplement to running.  I'm told there's major benefits.

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