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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Standing Day 19 and 3 random thoughts

Get Outta That Chair (Day 19)

End of Day 19 and feeling good. I’m still amazed how good I feel compared to how I felt after sitting all day; especially sitting after running. I actually look forward to standing after my workouts.

Now, I had some downtime today so as I Stood, I looked at purchasing a blog application from a hosting company. This is pretty funny considering I spent 10 years in the hosting industry but I have to say, the available products generally suck. I’ll leave my former company unnamed but the blog apps are terrible. Actually the free blogs are better than the commercial ones; heck, most commercial ones use freeware such as wordpress anyway … what a ripe off. I ordered a blog/hosting plan from Yahoo yesterday and the damn thing frustrated me so much that I cancelled it this morning; they can keep my $11.95 for one month; the product sucks; the order management sucks; the templates suck. I looked at Godaddy and they suck. If you know of a compelling blog product, please let me know ( Otherwise, I’ll just stick with my free Tumblr blog.

What else? Got my butt kicked in Yoga again … my instructor tried to make me feel better and said it will take some time as my body adjusts to the stretches and movements plus it is always hard for runners. Truth or not, it made me feel better. Also, had a meeting with a 33 yr. old SVP of a major media company … what a downer … damn, I’m almost 40 and this young dude is already at that level; where did I go wrong? But, look at the bright side, dude is out of shape; doesn’t and can’t stand all day; and can’t run around the block. So, all things equal, I feel better. I know, what a self serving and childish response … so what, this isn’t about you.

I’m thinking I need to add something to my daily summary. So, here it is; given that I’m so much smarter and wiser due to standing, I will include my top 3 ah ha thoughts everyday (true things that happened that day):

1. People that enter to elevator before everyone gets off should get their ass kicked.
2. It’s not good to write an email to a potential employer and say “I’m not sure what I want to do.”
3. Take a Mason drinking jar, feel it with water and place it on the table at a C-Level meeting.

From the Standing position, I’m out.


Search Data

  • Looking for a company that will license data/information regarding businesses in a general zip code (i.e., name, location, phone #, URL, hrs. open, etc.). Any suggestions?
My tempo run this past weekend

My tempo run this past weekend

still standing strong … closing in on 3 weeks … daily update forthcoming

still standing strong … closing in on 3 weeks … daily update forthcoming

looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day outside wondering why I’m stuck in this office
any suggestions on where I can license data on businesses within a zip code (address, name, url, hrs. of operation, etc.)?
got my butt kicked in yoga yet again

Get Outta That Chair (Day 18)

Yea, I stood all day again today. I have a lot to write but I’m too tired. Will catchup tomorrow. Keep standing strong.


60 min. morning run; 5x1x4 strong; 6.9 miles
eating sushi for lunch
damn whole foods is expensive

Strong Morning Run

60 min. with 5x1x4 strong; 6.9 miles

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