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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stand-at-Work and Avoid the Idiots (Day 24)

Day 24.  Stood for half the day, the morning that is; about 4.5 hours.  Attended a meeting in the afternoon so I had to sit.  Got my butt kicked in yoga; the toughest yoga class yet.  The instructor lets the class dictate the type of day; she asked and I said a “wake the body up” routine but, of course, the rest of the class, said a high tempo day and then it was on.  It was so tough that half way through, she said, “ok, let’s set started,” and someone said we started 30 minutes ago; that gives you a sense of the intensity.  2 folks just got up and left at the end of class.  Of course, I’m too competitive to quit so I made it through but, truth be told, 5 more minutes and I would have keeled over. 

So, what gave me the endurance to make it through the class?  Well, a lot of things which included Standing-at-Work.  My legs and back are much stronger from standing everyday which helps when we hit the tough core exercise part of yoga; we had a lot of core today and it was tough.

Before we continue, let me get the 3 daily thoughts out:

  1. I hate when people interrupt me while I’m speaking so now I just continue to talk over them until they get the message (of course, some idiots never get the message).
  2. I hate attorneys (and I am one although I don’t practice anyone); I see why folks can’t stand them and why there’s so many jokes about us; I think folks go to law school because generally they didn’t excel in math or science and they don’t want to be a cop.
  3. It’s hard taking the stairs all day but better than riding on elevators with idiots; I was losing brain cells with the latter.

And, another thing better than riding the elevator with idiots is Standing at Work.  Why?  Because, the idiots that come in your office don’t stay long because they aren’t comfortable standing for long periods of time.  Plus, if you stand, you can slowly move toward the door like you are heading to the restroom or to get some water.  If, for nothing else, think about it this way; the benefits of Standing are similar to using that “call back” application on your iPhone.  You know the app, it’s called “Fake Calls.”  You hit the button to the app, and you call yourself.  It’s awesome.  I had a back to school night and one of the parents was one of those typical “I’m so important “ folks that like to “drop names.”  You know the folks.  I couldn’t get away from this annoying women (I kept asking myself, who would marry this woman; of geez, I feel sorry for her husband).  In any event, I couldn’t get away so I hit the fake call button; called myself; had a fake conversation which allowed me to step away, and of course, never return.

See, once you think about Standing, the benefits are endless.

See ya.


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