Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Goes On (Day 25 Standing at Work)

Yea, 25 days of Standing-at-Work completed.  Now, the question is whether that qualifies as a month.  It was 4 work weeks; 20 work days, but not a full month in terms of # of days.  So, to avoid the complaints from the folks that made the original bet with me, I’ll stand all next week to make it 30 work days.  No biggie ya’ complainers; standing another week is no big deal especially since I’m going to stand from now on anyway.

I had lunch with a former colleague at my prior company.  It was a fun lunch.  It’s just funny how the past really becomes the past quickly.  You work with folks for many years; then you all leave and re-connect every now and then.  It really shows the separation between friend/family and people you work with.  The former last forever; the latter is only for the period of time you work together; and few folks in the latter move to the former.  Like they say, “Life Goes On.” 

I wonder what drove me into running and now has become part of my soul.  I think I was looking for an escape and running provided the escape but it also started to re-set my life; became something spiritual; and opened my eyes to what really matters in my life. 

Life is just interesting; we control so little.  It just goes where it wants to go.  But, you can control some aspects including what you eat; how you treat your body; etc.  Those are key areas we do control.  So, get up outta that chair and start working out.  Just getting those aspects moving will start other things moving in your life.


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