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Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Outta That Chair (Day 20)

3 weeks Standing-at-Work.  Those folks should not have made this bet.  No doubt I will win this thing; only 1 week left.  But, I will continue to stand even after I prove these fools wrong.  I stood for most of the day but this is not a day to talk about what I did.  This morning I attended a very difficult funeral for a very special friend.  His name is Paul and he passed away in his left last Friday; only 49 yrs. old.  His wife Holly is a terrific person and Julia is their daughter.  She was so strong at the funeral and I can’t imagine how you deal with something like this.  It’s so close to home; Paul and Holly were college sweethearts just like me and Maria; they were soul mates and Maria is my soul mate.  Every prayer and thought I can possibly muster will be for Holly, Julia and their family. 

I’ll pick this up next week but please pray for my friend and their family.  I have faith but it is being tested right now.  I’ll never understand “why” special people leave this earth so early/too early.


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