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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Stand (Day 22 & 23)

Day 22 and 23 as I missed providing an update yesterday but all is well.  I stood yesterday and today for 6th hours.  I feel oh so good.  A healthy body and mind just improves every aspect of life.  I have to give so much credit to yoga also as that completed my spiritual circle.  I run to stay healthy but I also fell in love with running because of the spiritual and emotional impact.  There’s nothing like running at 5am and not seeing another human (of course, I see my coyote friends but they don’t bother me). 

Then, you add standing at work all day and the blood flow continues and you just feel great.  Don’t believe me?  Well, in addition to all the evidence and data I’ve presented, take a look at this article where a school is testing requiring students to stand during class to combat the child obscenity issues that are plaguing our society.  Again, we weren’t built to sit all day; hence, get outta that chair (and off your ass):

Ok, quick diversion to my top 3 thoughts/questions today:

  1. I still want to slap those folks that enter the elevator before folks exit.  To avoid the altercation, I’ve decided to just take the stairs as I concede the elevator to those idiots of the world
  2. On day’s I don’t want to run, I just force myself to take one step at a time then eventually the running itch kicks in, and all is good.  Well, this also applies to work; if you get hit with a project or assignment that is complicated, don’t try to figure out how it may come out, just come up with a starting point and move forward and eventually things call into place.
  3. I sure hope President Obama has really smart economists around him . . . actions and results are king now; no way to talk your way around the current situation.

Now, back to the standing stuff.  I’m really close to removing my main hair, thus requiring that I stand all the time other than possibly leaning against the edge of my file cabinet.  If I’m fully committed to standing, then I don’t need the crutch of a chair.  Just like if you quick smoking, you wouldn’t leave a pack of cigs in your pocket, right?

I’m out.


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