Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Lose Who You Are

Day 14-15.  It’s all about the stairs.  It’s all about change also.  Heard a great statement today; actually it came from my wife; we were talking about the impact of work on folks.  She said the problem is if the work defined “who you are;” it only works if you bring “who you are” to the work; the former is problematic; the latter is good; you can change jobs but you shouldn’t change “who you are.  I thought about this more on the stairs.  You cheat yourself and the job if you don’t bring who you are; I think it’s a great question to ask yourself.

On that note, no need for the top 3 thoughts today; that question is deep enough.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Tough Monday Run

That was a tough morning run.  10.14 miles in 1.31.16.  Pretty slow pace for me but I couldn't push it given the snow, sleet and ice.  Last 30 min. was heaven; took 1 hr. to break through the wall.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Long Run

15.40 miles in 2 hr. 12 min. (8.35 pace).  Great weather; about 41 degrees.  No wind; just perfect. Hit runner's happy place 45 minutes into the run.  Wish everyone could understand how awesome it feels to break through the runner's wall and feel the endorphins; it's like leaving this world and entering a new world.

Keep it in perspective

Day 13; Me, My Stairs and I.  Pretty interesting day.  Finally got the opportunity to run in a real snow storm.  Ran for 50 minutes in 1 ft. of soft powder snow on a dirt trial in the woods.  It was very cool.  Then off to work and scaled the stairs to the office; still boycotting the elevator. 

I was thinking, while on the stairs of course, what a different world we live in.  Just think about it; what was important to you 24 months ago?  And, what of that group is important today?  The entire mind set of this country has been reset.  Wow, I was thinking:

1.      1)  Materials possessions are of very little, if any importance anymore

2.      2)  True friends emerge in tough times; the fakers are exposed

3.      3)  The sun really does shine again no matter how bad things are or how dark it is, even on Friday the 13th; the next day brings a completely new opportunity and challenge.

Basically, be thankful; think positive; remove negative influences (it’s so easy to be negative but it can silently kill your spirit/drive).


Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Winter Running

Just finished a challenging but fun run in 1 ft. of snow on a dirt trail in the woods; great solitude.  It was a bit cold; 15 degrees (windchill of 1).  Only 4.3 miles but great leg workout.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yoga; Snow Day and the Sci Fi Junkie

Day 11-12.  Only took the stairs up in this morning and once to leave the office for the day due to a snow storm that hit the mile high city; I left to work from home.  Initially it was nasty but the snow has calmed down.  I’m looking forward to a winter run tomorrow morning; I hope it’s a run in deep snow as opposed to ice; I hate the latter but love the former.

Didn’t have time to deep thoughts on the stairs but I did think of stuff while shoveling:

  1. How much change is good and how much is too much?
  2. I hardly watch any TV but when I do, I’m a SciFi junkie; what does that say about me?
  3. Where is the skeleton closet located?

Sleep on that.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Semi-Recovery Run

I'm still continuing to recover from Saturday's 22 miler but I felt pretty good this morning.  I knocked off 6.14 miles in a 50 min. run with 4x4 min. strong, 2 min. easy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me and My Friend, the Stairs

Day 10 on the stairs.  Me and the stairs are becoming good friends . . . I have a new found respect for the stairs.  One the great things is I don’t have to listen to the BS that is discussed on elevators.  I even have a few colleagues taking the stairs now. 

This will be a short summary as I’m watching President Obama as I write this summary.  Just thinking of the magnitude and complexity of the issues he has to deal with his overwhelming.  I’m still getting accustom to hearing a real president speak; the bar was so low for the past 8 years (sorry Republican friends but in your hearts, I know you agree).

I will pick this up tomorrow and here are departing 3 thoughts:

1.       1. will I ever buy a new car?  I doubt it

2.       2.  will I ever buy a bigger house?  I doubt it

3.      3.   I’m still working on removing the negative forces from my life . . . it’s an ongoing thing


Monday, March 23, 2009

Depressing Day on the Stairs

Day 9 only taking the stairs.  But, I have to say, it’s a weird feeling in the air.  Folks are down; energy is down; not sure what it is.  Overall, a very depressing feeling in the air . . . I guess, given the current market situation that is understandable.  Another quiet day on the stairs.  I’m starting to be convinced the only time folks use the stairs is for a fire alarm.  Taking the stairs certainly doesn’t help you meet folks but I’m not changing course.

Thoughts while on the stairs:

1.       How/When will things get better?  Every time I go outside, another business is gone.  We are also a very selfish nation . . . we always speak in terms of “me,” and seldom in terms of “us.”  Corporations would act differently if they thought in terms of “us.” 

2.       Do you eventually lose contact with all former work colleagues?  I hope not as I’m down to only a few which seems to be the norm.  Why is it so hard to remain friends with former colleagues?

3.       Where do past experiences go?  Do they go to some long term memory bank only to be called upon when something reminds you of the past and/or eventually do you get them altogether.


To expand on point #1, when I was on the stairs at lunch, I reminded myself that greed has destroyed many great nations/civilizations.  We are at that point . . . greed is at such a level that the greedy don’t even realize they are doing anything wrong . . . that is scarier than the person who knows they are doing wrong but does it anyway; these folks are completely clueless and separate from reality; they really don’t it; that’s what really scares me.


Well, in the meantime, I figure I’ll stay in good shape.  SRY (standing, stairs, running, yoga).





Easy Recovery Run Monday

Since I was still sore from Saturday's 22 miler, I decided to take a easy recovery run today.  I made sure not to push it; ran 6.14 miles in 1 hr.  Very slow pace but on purpose.  You have to listen to your body and it clearly told me this was a very slow recovery run.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tired Legs Sunday

The legs are still sore after the long run yesterday.  At least there's good college basketball to watch.  Time for more aspirin; I need a quick recovery but I'm back pounding the payment tomorrow; 1 hr. tempo run.  I'm think "no" to tempo.  I'm thinking an easy 45 min. run will suffice given I ran longer than required yesterday.

43 days to M-Day

43 days to the marathon.  Time to start my daily log countdown.  Yesterday i knocked off 22.26 miles; next saturday is a 2hr. run; then the following saturday is a 20 miler.  then, i start to reduce my miles up to the marathon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long Run Saturday Done

Just finished my long run.  22.26 miles in 3hr. 16 min.  8.49 pace . . . not too bad.  Left at 6am in the cold dark but turned into a beautiful sunny day by 8am.  Great last hr. of the run.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Nice easy 5.08 mile run in 42.14 (8.19 pace).  But tomorrow is the Saturday long run; 18-20 miles.  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG execs need to take the Stairs (Day 7)

I have to admit, it was an easy day.  My yoga was pretty easy because I did it on my own; my yoga instructor didn’t show so I went back home and did a 45 min. session. I took the stair 6x and stood for about 4 hours.

Nothing earth shattering to report today.  Pretty calm and somewhat boring day; as usual, plenty of thoughts running through my mind; here’s the top 3:

1.       got reminded today how short life is just by watching loved ones age; it’s amazing when you finally notice family members having problems walking or moving and you remember them when they were much younger

2.       my wife is just awesome; she balances me; we’re on two opposite extremes which force us to meet in the middle which is the perfect place

3.       it’s really tough out there; and it’s hard when you don’t see any light in the darkness; how are we going to claw our way back; you got AIG execs “stealing” money on one side and normal folks out of work without much hope on the other side; we’ve lost all sense of “reasonableness”

Not much more to add today.


Yoga with No Instructor

My yoga instructor didn't show for the 6am class.  But, she is a great instructor so I just went home and did my own session using everything she taught me.  Not as intensive as the actual class but it'll do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6 Boycotting the Stairs

6th day boycotting elevators.  Sorry, but I’m too tired to write a full daily summary.  I took the stairs 6x today and I stood at my Stand-up Desk for 6 hours.  And, I had a great run this morning; 5.25 miles in 40 minutes; strong 7.42 pace.

Let’s quickly dive into it; here are my top 3 thought/ideas/questions:

1.       why do people like to ask rhetorical questions?  just make the statement.

2.       why is “everyone” and I mean “everyone” a marketing and online expert?

3.       if you want to say “no” or why something won’t work, then make sure you can offer alternatives and/or solutions; otherwise you are aren’t providing value; anyone can say “no,” that’s easy


Peace out.



Felt Strong This Morning

5.25 miles in 40 minutes.  7.42 pace.  Felt good from the get go.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me and the Stairs are Best Friends

Another lonely day on the stairs.  Am I the only person in the big ass building that takes the stairs?Are you kidding me?  I still haven't come across a single person on the stairs.  Took the stairs 6x today.  Only the first trip was slow b/c I had not recovered from yoga.  As you know, I take my butt kickin' in yoga every tuesday and thursday morning, and it takes a while to recover.  But, I can't live without my yoga and running.

Let's see, top thoughts of the day while taking the stairs:

1. the melting pot is a long way from corporate america
2. i want to start my own business
3. life goes by fast; gotta slow it down

Nothing too deep today but oh well.


If you only listen to your body

Our body has a lot to tell us but we rarely take time to listen as we bombard our minds with mostly irrelvant and unimportant stuff.  If you listen to your body, it will connect you with earth and nature.  When you enter that state, it's another spiritual world.  

The challenge is to find that "thing" that allows you to block out everything and listen to your body . . . my "thing" is running and yoga.  

What's yours?


Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Lonely Taking the Stairs

It’s lonely on the stairs.  Guess that’s a bad sign though, right?  It means very few folks take the stairs even if they work only 1, 2, or 3 levels above the main floor . . . kinda’ sad but explains why we have the issues we have in society today and especially our youngsters. 

I took the stairs only today (no elevator as promised).  4 flights, 6 times today.  I have to admit, I feel it the first time in the morning because I’m either coming into work after a 7-15 mile run or after getting my butt kicked in core yoga.  By the way, yoga is very tough now . . . I’m getting better or, that’s what my instructor is saying but it’s getting harder; she said that’s expected because I’m starting to do the poses correctly and I’m in the middle of training for the May marathon so I’m getting stronger (more muscles . . . or, that’s why I tell myself) so the stretching is tougher.

As I do daily, here are the top 3 thoughts/issues, etc. I thought about today:

  1. I wish it wasn’t so lonely on the stairs
  2. Having a healthy society is bad for the economy.  Why? b/c everything is built to make to make us sit on our butts.  Technology, in theory, is to make our lives easier but, in fact, in many cases; it makes us lazy; every time of remote possible to make sure we don’t move our ass 3 ft.  Then, food is terrible.  The healthy food is so expensive; the crap is cheap but kills us; unfortunately, the cheap crap is what most folks buy.  And cars help us drive to get the crap food.  I wonder how many folks would walk to McDonald’s to get that death food or, without such access, eat a healthier meal at home . . .
  3. Why can’t I figure out how to go into business on my own?  Damn school, degrees, education, etc. have been very beneficial to my career but not good enough to help me answer that question; at least, not yet but I’m still searching.

And, yes, I’m still standing at work daily; about 5-6 hrs. each day.  I generally stand all morning and then split the afternoon b/t standing and sitting.  Ever since I started standing every morning, all the pains from running and yoga have gone bye bye; I feel great and I’m diggin’ the Standup Desk.

I’m still laughing from my run this morning.  7.48 miles in 1 hr. but when I hit the forest and heard the band of coyotes, I was like “hell no,” and turned around.  I thought about it for a second b/c I’m cool with the coyotes; they see me every morning but it’s mating season so I didn’t want to push my luck.  Plus, I assume the mountain lions also know is their mating season and while I dig running in the morning, in the dark, with nature, I don’t any piece of the mountain lion . . . I have much respect for those creatures; they are quite impressive but I’m honor them from afar.




Decided to not wander into Coyote Land Today

Good early morning run; 7.48 miles in 1.05.42.  Headed for the forest but turned around after hearing a pack (or seveal packs) of coyotes in the trees.  It's mating season, it was dark, and no one was around, so I decided to let those animals be and headed back for the street with the other humans.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Long Run Saturday

Just finished my Saturday long run.  14.69 miles, 2hr. 3min.  Nice easy pace.

Hit the runner's zone at mile 11 . . . i love that feeling . . . 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 3 (Stairs is Easy; Work Week is Not)

Exhausted and not from Day 3 of walking the stair and boycotting elevators.  The damn work thing is just killer.  You know the feeling . . . Friday afternoon and you fill like you’ve been in the grinder all week; you use the weekend to rest and then back at it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed to have a job but, man, can’t help but wonder if there’s another way . . . we only have one chance at this life thing!

Let’s dive into the top 3 ideas/thoughts/issues:

  1. all companies have very similar dysfunctional areas
  2.   the idea of doing a corporate job for the next 20 years is a nightmare
  3. it’s not fair that it takes about 40 year to even start to understand life.

Stay strong; Stay Healthy; Do something that gets you “off your feet,” and “outta that chair”

Have a great weekend.  Signing off . . .


What makes a runner?

What makes a runner? It's pushing yourself out that door when every fiber in your body says "no."  But when the endorphins kick in, its heaven; it's runner's euphoria.  If you haven't felt it, you don't know what you are missing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bla Bla Bla; No Elevators (Day 2)

Let's see, this will be short.  I took the stairs, up and down, 4 times today; no elevators at all.  I had a great yoga but still had a short fuse today; everyone was getting on my nerves today; very little patience today.  That shouldn't be the case after a day of namaste but i'll try to do better tomorrow.  


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Say No to Elevators (Day 1)

I finished Day 1 using the stairs (no elevators).  The best thing so far (again, only Day 1) is my office is essentially on the 5th floor.  I took the stair this morning and as I watched folks get on the elevator.  I beat the folks to the 5th floor . . . kinda' funny to see their faces . . . gotta' kick out of that.  

Best part of this is I get to continue my top 3 thoughts/ideas:

1. I'm still looking for something work related that I have a passion for . . . hope I find it soon
2. I still have work to do to make sure my work/career doesn't define me . . . it's a continual journey.
3. Why are the Native Americans constantly left our of the inequality discussion?  Even Obama, during the presidential campaign, named all the minority groups and failed to include the Native Americans.  And, why do we continue to ignore the history of the Native American tribes in this country?

Think about that as you take the stairs this evening . . . 


No elevators for 30 days

My new 30 day is challenge is "No Elevators," that is, I can't use elevators unless prohibited by the relevant establishment.  This seems to be a natural extension of the "Getta Outta That Chair" approach which prompted me to Stand at Work for 30 days . . . well, actually I still stand at has become a permanent aspect of my life.

Just think about the health benefits if you did nothing else but use the stairs everyday?  

I'll provide daily updates.  


Tough Push Through Run

I just didn't have it mentally today but had to push through it.  7.29 miles in 1.03.56 including 5 3min. sprints.  Body didn't wake up until mile 4 but the back half of the run was under the bright moon . . . good stuff.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yoga Day and Snowy Day

woke up at 5am for yoga and it was snowing hard.  about time; it is the mile high city and it's been summer like for weeks.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Run Under The Moon

Thanks day light savings; 1 hr. run in the dark but under the beautiful moon; 1 hr., 7.11 miles, all hilly course . . . 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pics of My Long Run

Pics of my run at Cherry Creek State Park. 

No human in site this morning.

Very spiritual run.

Long Run Saturday

Great long run.  18.27 miles (2 hr. 50 min.).  Circled Cherry Creek State Park; ran in the wetlands; early morning; just me, nature, birds and coyotes.  Just amazing.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

1 Month Standing-at-Work Everyday

1 Month Standing Completed!!!!!!!!!  Yea, I did it.  I stood for 1 month using a Stand-up Desk I purchased.  Several folks said I could do it and put some $ of the line and, well, they lost.  And, in addition, I learned about all the health benefits of Standing while working.  Best part, I will continue to stand from now on.  It has helped my running as my legs and back are stronger and, then combined with yoga, I’m in the best shape since college and I turn 40 in a few months. 

Now, my next challenge is to complete a marathon this May and I’m in the midst of my training program to do that and Standing-at-Work just helped me get stronger, faster.  Today was a weird day.  I think the fact that is has been so uncommonly warm this week finally caught up with folks.  A very sleepy day at work and, then I went to the mall, and most folks at the mall were walking in a daze.  Heck, the apple store which is the model for a store with energy was calm.  Now, while Standing-at-Work and thinking about my lunch at the mall, I thought of several things which work nicely into my 3 thoughts/ideas for the day:

  1. I think music in the 70’s was so good that we had no choice but to deal with the terrible music in the 80’s
  2. I’m terrified about the unemployment situation.  Yea, I understand the stimulus package but there’s still no clearly articulated plan to get folks back to work . . . not that I don’t have supreme confidence in President Obama
  3. life is precious, enjoy it!

I have to elaborate on #2.  While at the mall, several folks decided not to buy certain items due to the price; and we’re talking about items under $20; it’s that tight (that scary).  The last few years I’ve flown close to 100,000 miles; try this on for size; I haven’t flown since Sept., 2008; T&E has been cut to that level.  Now, I’m not complaining b/c without question I prefer to be home with my family but that is scary to think about.

But, see this is where Standing-at-Work is a benefit.  If a company needs to maximize use of the company’s office square footage, I could work in a 4x4 space b/c I can work standing.  Sure hope my sit—at-work friends have a fall back plan . . .

Now, before I go (b/c I’m leaving work early . . . its dead today, hence, my earlier point about folks in a trance today), I’m taking requests for my next challenge.  As such, please submit ideas and I will select one and stick to it for 30 days.

Peace to all.


Easy Run Friday

Nice easy 7.27 mile run in 1.01.25.  Lovin' that it's getting light earlier as I can easily see the coyotes now.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Global Warming Isn't Real and Standing Day 29

Yea baby, Day 29 Standing-at-Work completed.  One more day and I complete the 1 month standing at work.  At this point, I think I’ll develop a customized Stand-up-Desk and sell it to consumers since I’m the Stand-up Desk expert.  I’ll get back to you on that one. 

I had a colleague from our U.K. office visit today and he still can’t believe that I stand all day.  He is just speechless but, did come back and say I admire what you are doing.  He said he knows it’s probably a very good thing from a health perspective but he couldn’t do it. 

This is one think that perplexes me, that is, why do folks say that know something is good; that they should do it; but then say they “can’t” or “won’t” do it.  What’s the point of living if you don’t continually challenge yourself to be better?  I have a friend that’s a vegan and I know that’s good for you; I’m not a vegan but I’m making strides to eat better.  I was always a meat eater but I don’t eat meat anymore.  Funny thing, my body doesn’t need it.  I quit eating eat meat over 1 yr. ago and since then, I run 40+ miles per day; yoga 3 times a week; ran a marathon; and preparing for another.  So, obviously my body doesn’t need meat.  Seems to me if you know something is good for you, at least take a step in the right direction.

Ok, quick diversion to my top 3 thoughts/ideas today while standing:

  1. global warming isn’t real; heck it’s only 61 degrees (70 degrees yesterday) in Colorado in March which is traditionally a pretty snowy/cold month
  2. it’s weird feeling when you get dizzy during yoga; it happens so often now, I’m use to it . . . that’s weird
  3. even though I’ve transitioned from law to business, I still prefer execution over strategy; the former is concrete; the latter in of itself is difficult to conceptualize at times; of course, if it leads to execution then it’s all good; but strategy alone is frustrating

I’m very much looking forward to Friday b/c it’s my easy run day; 45 min. to 1 hr.; easy pace.  It’s the only day I take my iPod with me.  Of course Saturday is my long run; 16-20 miles.  But, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still perplexed; everyone is saying I know running is good for you; I know yoga is good for you; I know Standing-at-Work is good for you but none of them do anything about it.  WHY?


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 28 Me and My Stand-up Desk

Day 28.  2 more days and it will be one full month Standing-at-Work.  I stood for about 7 hours.  No pain, no issues, no nothing.  And this was after a 9 mile run this morning.  I have to say that I feel as good physically and mentally as I’ve felt in the past 20 years . . . it’s amazing.  I will be getting my butt kicked tomorrow in yoga, but it’s all good.

Oh yea, Pat Buchanan is an idiot!  I had to throw that out . . . I just want to throw up when I see his face.  Ok, back to productive talk.  Top 3 thoughts that hit me while standing:

  1. why if you type why someone talks that they don’t get the message that you are working?
  2. there are too many “marketing study of 1’s” out there . . . everyone is an expert based on their own experience only, of course
  3. while we have an African American President, I’m still shocked when I come across a minority executive . . . it’s still a very rare occurrence . . . only has happened a few times in the past 15 years . . . we still have a long way to go.

I need a new challenge for next month.  Please help me out . . .



Warm Morning Run

Left the house at 5;15am.  It was already 40+ degrees.  Beautiful morning.  Ran 9.26 miles in 1 hr. 18 min.  Another runner's dream state.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why'd it take 40 yrs. to figure stuff out

I just finished Day 27 at my Stand-up-Desk.  I had a very busy day and sat is several meetings.  When I wasn’t in meetings, I did stand.  I stood for about 4 hours today.  Also, damn near passed out (twice) in yoga . . .  the instructor was out to kill the class today but it felt so good afterwards . . . I guess that’s the point.

I’m actually looking forward to my tempo run tomorrow . . . 1 hr. run at ½ marathon pace.  Well, I’m very tired (I think that’s a Forest Gump line when he stopped running across the world) so here’s 3 thoughts that came across my mind while standing today, and I’ll provide more feedback tomorrow:

  1. we need a competitor to Whole Foods (or should I say Whole Pay Check); they are too damn expensive but nowhere else to get a really healthy lunch;
  2. my wife is my soul mate; and
  3. why did it take almost 40 yrs. for me to really start to come into my own spiritually and mentally?

I’m out.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 26 - Standing Strong

Day 26 and I basically I use my Stand-up Desk the entire day.  The only thing I do now is remove my shoes while in the office but otherwise it’s all good.  Without question, I will continue to stand going forward.  I just can’t understate how good it feels and the obvious health benefits.  I’ve had several folks say they couldn’t stand that long; why stand at all; I couldn’t jog around the block; what’s the point; yada yada yada . . . all excuses.  Someone said something to me and it is oh so true:

“Consistency requires discipline.  Force yourself out the door.”

It’s easy to say “no.”  It’s easy to not try.  It’s even easier to start and quickly quit.  The challenge is to start something and continuing to stay with it until you climb over the “peak.”  Every challenge has an initial peak.  If you reach the peak and decide to quit, then so be it.  The reality is few folks decide to even scale to reach the peak.  When I started running, I hated running.  I challenged myself to run 1 mile every other day, and then 2 miles, then 4 days a week, 5 days a week, increased the miles, etc.  A professional elite runner told me the first year would be very painful . . . many injuries, a major, almost daily, mental and psychological challenge to get myself out of bed and on the pavement . . . all that was very true.  So, for some reason the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away,” in which he said “ . . . all I can do is breathe; take one breath at a time . . . “  I took that and on those tough mental days, I just told myself, “take a stride at a time . . . “  I still do that sometimes and after 5, 10 , 15 minutes, I’m in the runner’s groove . . . Just take a step!

I did the same thing with Standing at Work.  I just said I’ll stand for 2 hours and go from there.  It felt so good though that I stood longer and so the story goes.

Bottom line, challenge yourself.

Ok, before I leave, top 3 daily thoughts:

  1. It’s March in Denver and it’s 70 degrees.  Something is really wrong with that picture.  We will pay for this in the summer (i.e., drought).
  2. Why do folks take their entire teams to meetings?  Can’t one or, at most two, folks handle meetings for their team?  Or, is it a power trip issue?
  3. Just read the following article:; very scary!!!

Lastly, I need a new challenge for next month.  Please hit me back with suggestions.



Good Hard Run

1 hr. run this morning with 3 min. hard/1 min. easy, 5 times.  6.73 miles total.  

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