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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Say No to Elevators (Day 1)

I finished Day 1 using the stairs (no elevators).  The best thing so far (again, only Day 1) is my office is essentially on the 5th floor.  I took the stair this morning and as I watched folks get on the elevator.  I beat the folks to the 5th floor . . . kinda' funny to see their faces . . . gotta' kick out of that.  

Best part of this is I get to continue my top 3 thoughts/ideas:

1. I'm still looking for something work related that I have a passion for . . . hope I find it soon
2. I still have work to do to make sure my work/career doesn't define me . . . it's a continual journey.
3. Why are the Native Americans constantly left our of the inequality discussion?  Even Obama, during the presidential campaign, named all the minority groups and failed to include the Native Americans.  And, why do we continue to ignore the history of the Native American tribes in this country?

Think about that as you take the stairs this evening . . . 


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