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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yoga; Snow Day and the Sci Fi Junkie

Day 11-12.  Only took the stairs up in this morning and once to leave the office for the day due to a snow storm that hit the mile high city; I left to work from home.  Initially it was nasty but the snow has calmed down.  I’m looking forward to a winter run tomorrow morning; I hope it’s a run in deep snow as opposed to ice; I hate the latter but love the former.

Didn’t have time to deep thoughts on the stairs but I did think of stuff while shoveling:

  1. How much change is good and how much is too much?
  2. I hardly watch any TV but when I do, I’m a SciFi junkie; what does that say about me?
  3. Where is the skeleton closet located?

Sleep on that.


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