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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6 Boycotting the Stairs

6th day boycotting elevators.  Sorry, but I’m too tired to write a full daily summary.  I took the stairs 6x today and I stood at my Stand-up Desk for 6 hours.  And, I had a great run this morning; 5.25 miles in 40 minutes; strong 7.42 pace.

Let’s quickly dive into it; here are my top 3 thought/ideas/questions:

1.       why do people like to ask rhetorical questions?  just make the statement.

2.       why is “everyone” and I mean “everyone” a marketing and online expert?

3.       if you want to say “no” or why something won’t work, then make sure you can offer alternatives and/or solutions; otherwise you are aren’t providing value; anyone can say “no,” that’s easy


Peace out.



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