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Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 26 - Standing Strong

Day 26 and I basically I use my Stand-up Desk the entire day.  The only thing I do now is remove my shoes while in the office but otherwise it’s all good.  Without question, I will continue to stand going forward.  I just can’t understate how good it feels and the obvious health benefits.  I’ve had several folks say they couldn’t stand that long; why stand at all; I couldn’t jog around the block; what’s the point; yada yada yada . . . all excuses.  Someone said something to me and it is oh so true:

“Consistency requires discipline.  Force yourself out the door.”

It’s easy to say “no.”  It’s easy to not try.  It’s even easier to start and quickly quit.  The challenge is to start something and continuing to stay with it until you climb over the “peak.”  Every challenge has an initial peak.  If you reach the peak and decide to quit, then so be it.  The reality is few folks decide to even scale to reach the peak.  When I started running, I hated running.  I challenged myself to run 1 mile every other day, and then 2 miles, then 4 days a week, 5 days a week, increased the miles, etc.  A professional elite runner told me the first year would be very painful . . . many injuries, a major, almost daily, mental and psychological challenge to get myself out of bed and on the pavement . . . all that was very true.  So, for some reason the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away,” in which he said “ . . . all I can do is breathe; take one breath at a time . . . “  I took that and on those tough mental days, I just told myself, “take a stride at a time . . . “  I still do that sometimes and after 5, 10 , 15 minutes, I’m in the runner’s groove . . . Just take a step!

I did the same thing with Standing at Work.  I just said I’ll stand for 2 hours and go from there.  It felt so good though that I stood longer and so the story goes.

Bottom line, challenge yourself.

Ok, before I leave, top 3 daily thoughts:

  1. It’s March in Denver and it’s 70 degrees.  Something is really wrong with that picture.  We will pay for this in the summer (i.e., drought).
  2. Why do folks take their entire teams to meetings?  Can’t one or, at most two, folks handle meetings for their team?  Or, is it a power trip issue?
  3. Just read the following article:; very scary!!!

Lastly, I need a new challenge for next month.  Please hit me back with suggestions.



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