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Friday, March 6, 2009

1 Month Standing-at-Work Everyday

1 Month Standing Completed!!!!!!!!!  Yea, I did it.  I stood for 1 month using a Stand-up Desk I purchased.  Several folks said I could do it and put some $ of the line and, well, they lost.  And, in addition, I learned about all the health benefits of Standing while working.  Best part, I will continue to stand from now on.  It has helped my running as my legs and back are stronger and, then combined with yoga, I’m in the best shape since college and I turn 40 in a few months. 

Now, my next challenge is to complete a marathon this May and I’m in the midst of my training program to do that and Standing-at-Work just helped me get stronger, faster.  Today was a weird day.  I think the fact that is has been so uncommonly warm this week finally caught up with folks.  A very sleepy day at work and, then I went to the mall, and most folks at the mall were walking in a daze.  Heck, the apple store which is the model for a store with energy was calm.  Now, while Standing-at-Work and thinking about my lunch at the mall, I thought of several things which work nicely into my 3 thoughts/ideas for the day:

  1. I think music in the 70’s was so good that we had no choice but to deal with the terrible music in the 80’s
  2. I’m terrified about the unemployment situation.  Yea, I understand the stimulus package but there’s still no clearly articulated plan to get folks back to work . . . not that I don’t have supreme confidence in President Obama
  3. life is precious, enjoy it!

I have to elaborate on #2.  While at the mall, several folks decided not to buy certain items due to the price; and we’re talking about items under $20; it’s that tight (that scary).  The last few years I’ve flown close to 100,000 miles; try this on for size; I haven’t flown since Sept., 2008; T&E has been cut to that level.  Now, I’m not complaining b/c without question I prefer to be home with my family but that is scary to think about.

But, see this is where Standing-at-Work is a benefit.  If a company needs to maximize use of the company’s office square footage, I could work in a 4x4 space b/c I can work standing.  Sure hope my sit—at-work friends have a fall back plan . . .

Now, before I go (b/c I’m leaving work early . . . its dead today, hence, my earlier point about folks in a trance today), I’m taking requests for my next challenge.  As such, please submit ideas and I will select one and stick to it for 30 days.

Peace to all.


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