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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me and My Friend, the Stairs

Day 10 on the stairs.  Me and the stairs are becoming good friends . . . I have a new found respect for the stairs.  One the great things is I don’t have to listen to the BS that is discussed on elevators.  I even have a few colleagues taking the stairs now. 

This will be a short summary as I’m watching President Obama as I write this summary.  Just thinking of the magnitude and complexity of the issues he has to deal with his overwhelming.  I’m still getting accustom to hearing a real president speak; the bar was so low for the past 8 years (sorry Republican friends but in your hearts, I know you agree).

I will pick this up tomorrow and here are departing 3 thoughts:

1.       1. will I ever buy a new car?  I doubt it

2.       2.  will I ever buy a bigger house?  I doubt it

3.      3.   I’m still working on removing the negative forces from my life . . . it’s an ongoing thing


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