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Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG execs need to take the Stairs (Day 7)

I have to admit, it was an easy day.  My yoga was pretty easy because I did it on my own; my yoga instructor didn’t show so I went back home and did a 45 min. session. I took the stair 6x and stood for about 4 hours.

Nothing earth shattering to report today.  Pretty calm and somewhat boring day; as usual, plenty of thoughts running through my mind; here’s the top 3:

1.       got reminded today how short life is just by watching loved ones age; it’s amazing when you finally notice family members having problems walking or moving and you remember them when they were much younger

2.       my wife is just awesome; she balances me; we’re on two opposite extremes which force us to meet in the middle which is the perfect place

3.       it’s really tough out there; and it’s hard when you don’t see any light in the darkness; how are we going to claw our way back; you got AIG execs “stealing” money on one side and normal folks out of work without much hope on the other side; we’ve lost all sense of “reasonableness”

Not much more to add today.


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