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Monday, March 23, 2009

Depressing Day on the Stairs

Day 9 only taking the stairs.  But, I have to say, it’s a weird feeling in the air.  Folks are down; energy is down; not sure what it is.  Overall, a very depressing feeling in the air . . . I guess, given the current market situation that is understandable.  Another quiet day on the stairs.  I’m starting to be convinced the only time folks use the stairs is for a fire alarm.  Taking the stairs certainly doesn’t help you meet folks but I’m not changing course.

Thoughts while on the stairs:

1.       How/When will things get better?  Every time I go outside, another business is gone.  We are also a very selfish nation . . . we always speak in terms of “me,” and seldom in terms of “us.”  Corporations would act differently if they thought in terms of “us.” 

2.       Do you eventually lose contact with all former work colleagues?  I hope not as I’m down to only a few which seems to be the norm.  Why is it so hard to remain friends with former colleagues?

3.       Where do past experiences go?  Do they go to some long term memory bank only to be called upon when something reminds you of the past and/or eventually do you get them altogether.


To expand on point #1, when I was on the stairs at lunch, I reminded myself that greed has destroyed many great nations/civilizations.  We are at that point . . . greed is at such a level that the greedy don’t even realize they are doing anything wrong . . . that is scarier than the person who knows they are doing wrong but does it anyway; these folks are completely clueless and separate from reality; they really don’t it; that’s what really scares me.


Well, in the meantime, I figure I’ll stay in good shape.  SRY (standing, stairs, running, yoga).





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