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Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Lonely Taking the Stairs

It’s lonely on the stairs.  Guess that’s a bad sign though, right?  It means very few folks take the stairs even if they work only 1, 2, or 3 levels above the main floor . . . kinda’ sad but explains why we have the issues we have in society today and especially our youngsters. 

I took the stairs only today (no elevator as promised).  4 flights, 6 times today.  I have to admit, I feel it the first time in the morning because I’m either coming into work after a 7-15 mile run or after getting my butt kicked in core yoga.  By the way, yoga is very tough now . . . I’m getting better or, that’s what my instructor is saying but it’s getting harder; she said that’s expected because I’m starting to do the poses correctly and I’m in the middle of training for the May marathon so I’m getting stronger (more muscles . . . or, that’s why I tell myself) so the stretching is tougher.

As I do daily, here are the top 3 thoughts/issues, etc. I thought about today:

  1. I wish it wasn’t so lonely on the stairs
  2. Having a healthy society is bad for the economy.  Why? b/c everything is built to make to make us sit on our butts.  Technology, in theory, is to make our lives easier but, in fact, in many cases; it makes us lazy; every time of remote possible to make sure we don’t move our ass 3 ft.  Then, food is terrible.  The healthy food is so expensive; the crap is cheap but kills us; unfortunately, the cheap crap is what most folks buy.  And cars help us drive to get the crap food.  I wonder how many folks would walk to McDonald’s to get that death food or, without such access, eat a healthier meal at home . . .
  3. Why can’t I figure out how to go into business on my own?  Damn school, degrees, education, etc. have been very beneficial to my career but not good enough to help me answer that question; at least, not yet but I’m still searching.

And, yes, I’m still standing at work daily; about 5-6 hrs. each day.  I generally stand all morning and then split the afternoon b/t standing and sitting.  Ever since I started standing every morning, all the pains from running and yoga have gone bye bye; I feel great and I’m diggin’ the Standup Desk.

I’m still laughing from my run this morning.  7.48 miles in 1 hr. but when I hit the forest and heard the band of coyotes, I was like “hell no,” and turned around.  I thought about it for a second b/c I’m cool with the coyotes; they see me every morning but it’s mating season so I didn’t want to push my luck.  Plus, I assume the mountain lions also know is their mating season and while I dig running in the morning, in the dark, with nature, I don’t any piece of the mountain lion . . . I have much respect for those creatures; they are quite impressive but I’m honor them from afar.




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