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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, Jan. 26th . . . snow, ice and intervals

This was a tricky interval work-out. It snowed lightly last night so the trails had a little snow which also covered some pre-existing ice. As such, I had to modify my interval workout and run hard over the dry areas and recover while running over the slippery areas. After my traditional .5 mile barefoot warm-up, I laced up the Nike Katana's and warmed up for 25 minutes, then moved into 3x600 meter surges at a 5:56 - 5:58 pace, then moved into a 1000 meter surge at 6:15 pace. Overall it was a great workout.

I was still cautious with my right foot because although it feels good, when you add back pace work you have to be very careful. I'll do easy runs for the next few days as I conservatively add back the sub 6:00 pace running, but I'm very happy to hit those paces comfortably as this is a sign I'm ready to slowly resume my regular training/running.

I also was able to find a pair of the Nike Zoom Speed Racer 2 which replaced the Nike Katana. The Speed Racer is not available in the U.S. but I was able to find it in China and I ordered a pair. Outside the U.S., minimal racing shoes are quite common but here in the U.S., major shoe companies rarely make their best racing shoes available (the Speed Racer is used by Sammy Wanjiru and it's one of my favorite running shoes, along with the Evo and Nike XC).


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