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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, Jan. 16th . . . back to the hills

A good 9 mile "all hills" run at 8:32 pace. When I say hills, I mean hills . . . 200 to 500 meter continuous hills for the entire workout. I also threw in a few 500 meter surges at 6:30 pace.

I did have a little soreness in the right foot but that was totally expected since it was my first all hills run in several weeks. I've backed off hills while my foot healed so I expected some soreness. A few hours after the run, I feel pretty good considering this type of workout so that tells me I didn't overdue it. I'm sure I stretched the plantar muscle and continued to breakup scar tissue. For my shoe choice tomorrow, I'm still deciding whether to go back to a shoe rotation that includes some of my racing shoes or whether to run solely in the Evo's.


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