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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, Jan. 3rd . . . basically back to normal . . .

I did nice 5.57 mile run in 47:10, a 8:29 pace. It was a mixed run on hard surfaces, on packed show, and through slush at various times. The great news is there's almost no pain in my right foot at all and since tomorrow is my day off, I think I'll be very close to 100% in the next few days.

On another note, I have deviated from my position to never run in racing shoes as I ran in my Nike Zoom Streak XC's last week and I ran in my Mizuno Wave Universe 3's (MWU3's) today and they felt great. As I reviewed my daily notes from my last 3 years of running, all my fastest times were run in Evo's or MWU3's. My current pair of MWU3's have over 400 miles on them and they provide as much ground feel as the Evo. I'm deciding if I should only run in Evo's or if I should rotate the Evo's and MWU3's . . . I'm not sure at this point but I did enjoy running in the MWU3's.

I haven't been convinced one way or the other regarding the value of rotating shoes to avoid repetitive stress injuries. This make sense for those that run in more cushioned and supportive shoes but for folks like me that run in very minimal shoes, there's not much that can be done to the shoe other than further compress the EVA down to the ground in the case of MWU'3 but in the case of Evo's or KSO's, it's just rubber so there's nothing you can do to that material. The closer you get to barefoot, the discussion gets more complicated because you wouldn't get repetitive stress injuries from running barefoot.


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