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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, Jan. 6th . . . rhythmically varied endurance running

This was a treadmill day and I started with a nice 5 minute warm-up barefoot, then laced up the Mizuno Wave Universe 3's (MWU3's) and ran for 30 minutes, starting very slowly and working my way down to a comfortable 8:00 pace, with finished the last 1 min. at 6:00 pace.

I pulled out a new pair of MWU3's and they felt pretty good. They don't feel as good as my older MWU3's of course because I need to put a lot of miles on the newer pair to breakdown the EVA then the ground feel and perception improves dramatically. I haven't decided if I'm going to run in the Evo's due to the blister issues but I may try the Neo by Terra Plana which is basically an Evo with a mesh upper which should resolve the blister problems. I think the material on the Evo is the issue as it is not nearly as flexible as mesh and when it bends on the toes, it can cut into the skin whereas mesh is very soft and is virtually unnoticeable, at least that should be the case.

I'm also in the midst of reading "The Van Aaken Method" by Dr. Ernst Van Aaken who was well known for him position that the "classic interval training" method was the best way to run. This is the method practiced by Emil Zatopek although today most people misstate how training approach. Zatopek practiced rhythmically varied endurance running, and rarely ran faster than race pace but would cover nearly 50 kilometers per day.


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