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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, Jan. 24th . . . total recovery with the Evo's

This was a total recovery run. My legs were shot from yesterday's run so I had to be very careful and make sure this was a recovery run and just concentrate on running nice and very easy and working on form. It was a 45 minute easy flat run at a 9:30 pace. It felt like I was walking at times but it was a very smart move as it's at these times that you can injure yourself. I call a recovery run a "blood flow run," because the purpose is to increase blood flood for healing and push any waste through you body that remained from the workout on the previous day.

I ran in the Evo I's which was a smart decision because I was better in-tune with my body and I could feel everything so I just had more control, and when you are tired and sore, you need control. I'm still working on my shoe rotation but the Evo's will be included.

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day then I have a hard race pace workout planned for Wednesday.



  1. Harry, I know you don't get a lot of comments on your blog postings about your running, but I want you to know that I'm a regular reader and enjoy your daily musings.

    Also, I know you tried out double sessions for awhile -- whatever became of that effort? Too strenuous? Too tired? Too little time? Too old? ;-)


  2. Hi Al,

    Hope all is well. As for the double sessions, what I found is there's a threshold of base running before double sessions yield positive results. For someone like me that focuses on the 5k/10k distances, double sessions don't make sense until you reach about 70 miles per week of running and I'm in the 50 miles per week range (I don't have any interest in adding more weekly miles).

    It was fun doing it but it was improving my racing times and after speaking with a few coaches it became clear that double sessions are best after you reach the threshold.



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