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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Jan. 10th . . . back to the future (or the Evo) . . .

I couldn't resist saying "back to the future," since they ran the 3-part movie series on the TV last week and I watched all of them. In any event, I'm back to the Evo's (more on that).

I had a nice comfortable run on the treadmill. I didn't have it in me to head outside into the -3F cold (there was also too many icy spots). After a 5 minute barefoot warm-up, I ran for 5 miles working my way down to a 7:42 pace for the last mile. I've been working on identifying the pace ranges where my heart beat is in the 130 range and I hit 129 when I ran the last mile at 7:42. I want to experiment with Dr. Van Aaken's method that almost all running should be done at a heart beat range between 130-150, so I want to also identify my pace range that correlates to such heart beat range.

This was my first in the Evo's in a week, and I ran in the Evo II's and they felt good. I ran without socks and it was fine except for the last few minutes where I could feel some rubbing on the pinkie toe on my right foot but by that time, the run was over. At this point, I'll likely rotate between the Evo's and MWU3's and see how that goes for a week or so, then decide how to proceed. My desire is to return to the Evo as my primary running shoe and use the MWU3 as a back-up. I'm looking to give the Terra Plana Neo a try since it has a mesh upper which may resolve all rubbing and potential blister issues.


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