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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, Jan. 9th . . . back to my barefoot roots . . .

All I can say is I feel great and I have no doubt it's because I've returned to heavy barefoot mileage. Yes, it's still cold so I was regulated to the treadmill today. After a 25 min. barefoot warm-up, I laced up the MWU3's and ran for another 25 min. which includes 8x400 intervals in the 6:00 pace range. Then, I cooled down with 3 min. of easy barefoot running.

I'm going back to my barefoot roots with 40-50% of my weekly running being barefoot. I can't explain it and I really don't care why, but as I add more barefoot running I run stronger and faster in shoes. Besides barefoot, I'll be rotating the Evo's and MWU3's.

Tomorrow I start my barefoot study at the Univ. of Colorado . . . should be interesting.


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