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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Feb. 21st . . . long recovery run

70 min. recovery run (36 min. barefoot; 35 min. in MWU3's). This is the last day in my 7 day running cycle so I consider this a major recovery run with the goal of increasing blood flow to help heal from the previous harder days. I enjoyed the entire run and while my legs are fatigued, I feel great. I actually did more barefoot then shod running. I opted for the MWU3's because after 36 min. of barefoot running you don't want anything heavy on your feet and the MWU3's are the lightest shoe commercially available at 3.6 oz. (although I hear a few models are forthcoming to the market that will be even lighter).

I've learned you must treat a recovery day as just that, a recovery day. That should be easy to learn but it's oh so difficult for runners. It took me years to understand what a "easy" and "recovery" run really means. If you fail to adhere to this, then you will get injured, no if, ands or buts. You must give your body time to heal, otherwise, in addition to injury, you will not be able to call upon your body when you need it for the hard sessions and racing.

Tomorrow is my rest day (I run 6 days per week) and I love feeling good going into a rest day.


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