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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, Jan. 4th . . Evo + Yak Trak + Snowy Trails = A Big Smile

Just one of those magical winter days. After my daily barefoot warm-up, I laced up the Evo II's, added the Yak Trak coils and headed out on the snowy trails for a 40 minute run. It was heavenly. It was just me, nature, the coyotes and foxes. Not another human in site. I even had to stop a few times to just take in the beauty of the surroundings. Complete silence with a very slight wind knocking snow off the branches of the big trees (evergreen and cotton wood trees). I saw several coyotes up ahead and they would check me out and when I was within 400 meters or so, they would take off. Just a surreal run.

I can feel the difference in my legs with my change to take 48 hours between hard workouts. My legs have that "pop" as I refer to it meaning they are anxious to run fast and that's the feeling I like to have the day before harder workouts. I would love to do my hard workout tomorrow outside but it all depends on how much snow melts off the ground today. It's 40F and sunny but I need the asphalt paths and streets to be pretty dry before I can do a tempo run, otherwise, it's back to the treadmill which I just can't imagine right now.


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