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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday, Feb. 17th . . . the trails

70 minute run, with 20 minutes barefoot on the treadmill, and 50 minutes of back trails and grass fields. I feel good and it's nice to work different muscles running on trails and uneven grass fields which is also good for balance work. I don't carry a Garmin on these types of runs so I have no idea how far or how fast I ran and I don't care. The enjoyment is just running. I only use a Garmin for 2 runs per week (tempo and interval) but for my other 4 runs each week, I just run and that has brought all the enjoyment back to running.

As it stands, I'm still planning to do a 5 mile race on Saturday, so tomorrow will likely be a 40 min. easy run with 3-4 100 meter strides at the end to fine tune the muscles for the race.


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