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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sat./Sun. Feb. 26/27 . .. Mountain Heaven!!!

Yesterday: 70 min. run at 7,500 ft. at the base of 13,000/14,000 ft. mountain ranges, on packed (very hilly) dirt trails with 40-50 mph winds. This may sound tough and it is but it is heaven to me. Running in this mountain valley and canyon is heaven. Hundreds of miles of hilly dirt roads. I included a 3 mile tempo at paces between 7:10 - 6:10. I sure you can guess the slower paces is into the winds. There's no defeating the winds produced by mother nature. You just adjust and run by effort level and bow to mother nature and just enjoy and respect her power.

Today: 90 min. long run. The wind has left and it was beyond heavenly running on packed dirt roads heading straight for the famous Spanish Peaks and Cucharas mountain range. At one point, I had to stop and just take in the 360 degree views. There wasn't a sound around . . . complete silence with snow capped mountains. There are no words to describe this type of experience and run, but this is why I run.

Just finished one of my heaviest mileage weeks in years . . . in the 60 mile range. I feel (beyond) great.



  1. Hi Harry,

    Great to hear the good news. i was on the bike this week end, and the scenery was nothing like yours, but I take what I can! I would love to hear the detail of the shoes you are wearing: As you know, I am spying on your training very attentively in order to tailor my own future magic formula ;-)


  2. see my next post re the shoes I wore. yea, the magic formula is unbelievable!!!



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