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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, Jan. 6th . . . lots of snow; adjusting the long run

So I had a long run planned but I woke up to 14-16 inches of snow so I had to adjust my work-out. I really enjoy running in deep power snow but you have to adjust the work-out to account for the additional leg workout from running in deep snow. I decided to increase my barefoot warm-up to 15 minutes, then laced up the Mizuno Wave Universe 3's and added the Yak Trak coils and ran for 1 hr. It was awesome. Then, I did another barefoot session with 10 minutes of barefoot running as the warm-down. Total workout was 1:25.

I've decided to spend a few months to really study and evaluate the types of shoes I run in so that I can develop a solid shoe rotation by this spring. There are so many factors when you select footwear which is one reason I love barefoot running because it's easy as all you need is your feet. As for footwear, my goal is to select 2-3 shoes that allow me to run with form and technique as close to barefoot as possible. I'll select a primary shoe rotation from the following shoes: Mizuno Wave Universe 3, Evo, Nike Air Zoom Streak XC, Nike Katana, Nike Free 3.0, Inov-8 F-Lite 195, Adam, and Adidas Adizero Rocket. My primary factors of consideration include weight, heel differential, amount of cushion, good feel, degree of muscle pre-activation, ability for my foot to flatten upon loading, and overall feel.

Of course, I'll have certain shoes based on terrain but 90% of my running is on packed dirt roads, trails and roads so I build a primary shoe rotation to address most of my running. I'll also continue to study my running log to identify trends, good and bad, based on my experiences with certain footwear.


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