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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Feb. 23rd . . . intervals

A great interval session. 800x200x200, 4 sets. Started progressively in the low 6:00 pace range, then gradually moved down to a 5:20 pace. I feel about as strong as ever. I really think I've found my "magical formula." When I abide by the following, everything falls into place and more importantly I stay injury free:

1. Good chunk of barefoot running, comprising 25-40% of my weekly running. Warm-up and/or warm-down.

2. Of the 6 days I run each week, 2 hard sessions, 4 easy sessions. For the easy sessions, mix up the terrain and generally find uneven hills and trails.

3. On the final run of my weekly cycle, run as slow and easy as possible as the purpose of the run is to increase blood for going into my 1 rest day each week which is followed by a hard session.

4. If choosing between barefoot and true minimalist shoes, always choose barefoot. Nothing provides the learning and feedback I get from barefoot running.

5. Running shoes are find provided they are light and flexible racing shoes. My racing shoe rotation is comprised of the Nike Air Zoom Streak XC, Mizuno Wave Universe 3, and Adidas Adizero Rocket.

6. A weekly workout schedule is great but always defer to listening to your body above all. If you need to deviate from the workout, absolutely do so.

7. Use minimalist shoes for walking as much as possible. My #1 choice is the Terra Plana Evo.

8. Ditch the Garmin!!! It can kill you. Run by feel and run by effort level not actual pace as it's the only way to learn to feel the different paces.

9. Other than the 2 hard sessions each week, I do not track pace of distance (again, ditch the Gramin). I run by feel . . . just run!!!

10. My hardest efforts average a 8 on a scale of 1-10, with final surges at a 9 effort level. I do not consistently race at a 9-10 effort level. It's not worth it for me. I know run just as fast as I'm more relaxed and I pass the finish line with a smile on my face and not out of breath. I run within by breath and not ahead of my breath. I will not intersect pain and running. I will run hard but not over the line into pain. Pain kills the love of running.

Just a few things I follow. Everyone has a "magic formula," but everyone has a different "magic formula." It takes time, commitment and practice to identify your own "magic formula."



  1. Hi Harry - very happy to see you are doing great. I am out of the boot today - first step towards recovery. I had a question - when you talk about your barefoot mileage, does it include running in EVO like shoes or, do you run addtitional miles in such minimalist shoes?



  2. D,

    Welcome back my friend. You are one big step closer to full recovery . . . it's good to hear.

    When I say "barefoot" mileage, I mean pure barefoot. It does not include minimalist footwear. I get far more benefit from barefoot running than I do from minimalist running. I really scaled back any minimalist footwear running and I've increased my barefoot mileage.

    I use the Adam and Evo for strengthening but other than barefoot, the bulk of my running is in the Nike Air Zoom Streak XC and MWU3.



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