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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, Dec. 30th . . . back to the Evo's

Although I still have some slight pain in my right foot, I decided to go back to my Evo's, and it was a smart decision. It would have been a bit easier to run in a more supportive shoe but when I am barefoot or close to barefoot I can feel what's really going on and I run much smoother.

I finished 4.24 miles at a 8:25 pace. I feel considerably better than the day before and I've been spending a lot of the day barefoot. Funny how many doctors tell you to not walk or run barefoot when you have foot pain and I do the exact opposite and it allows me to recovery much more quickly. I remember when I had plantar fasciitis in mid-2009 and I cured it by going 100% barefoot. I'm going to continue to run easy for the next few weeks and I'll start to add back the pace work in a few weeks.

I get to add this to my learning's basket in terms of how I approach my speed/pace work. It's that old adage, "run easy on easy days."


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