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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday, Dec. 2nd - Easy Short Run

After some dynamic stretching, I did 5 min. barefoot warm-up on the treadmill, then laced up the Evo I's and and headed out the door for a "run by feel," meaning I ran without a watch and let my body tell me what a "easy" pace feels like without regard to actual pace. I picked a route I run often so I know the approximate distance and checked the clock in the house before leaving and I estimated at the end of the run that I finished close to 4 miles at a 8:33 pace.

Everything felt right and I just ran relaxed and the stride felt great, just relaxed and easy. I went back to the form that I felt I had when I set my 5k PR last month. I'm getting back to letting body feel determine my stride length and stride rate as opposed to forcing it. A 8:30 pace for an easy run is exactly where I'd like my easy runs to fall (8:00 - 8:30 is a great easy run pace).


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