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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday, Dec. 11th - a beautiful stroll with the wife

A perfect Saturday morning easy run with my beautiful wife. We don't get to run together nearly enough so this was a joy. It was beautiful outside as we ran mostly on back dirt trails. She is a serious runner and has run many more marathons than me but she sacrifices her running so I can get in more miles for my racing. During the week, we can't leave at the same time with the kids, so she tends to run on the treadmill while I run outside. There's no substitute for running outside, so I know she really enjoyed a good outdoor run.

We also did some walking and talking so it was an all-around perfect morning. Total run on 4.47 miles in 46:46. Tomorrow is my long run but I have decided what level of intensity I will run it as I will just play in by ear and she how I feel. I'd like to throw in a good tempo surge in the middle of the long run, something in the 6:00 pace range.


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