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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, Dec. 6th - Last Run of the Week

My legs were a bit tired but that's to be expected since it's the last run of my weekly run routine, and it follows my long run. However, my stride felt good as did my breathing. I did a lot of big hills and finished 5.41 miles in 49:02.

I can definitely feel the fatigue in my quads but that's normal after some hilly runs. I've been adding more than more hills to all my runs and it really pays off when you move to a flatter surface. It also strengthens the quads and calves.

While I'm feeling fine I will be taking tomorrow off. Regardless of how good I feel, I take one day completely off during each 7 day running cycle. I figure if Sammy Wanjiru takes one day off, there must be something to it.


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