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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, Dec. 19th, my favorite tempo run

A great tempo run in my Evo II's. 7.39 miles at a 6:46 pace, after a 1 mile barefoot warm-up on the treadmill. I was perfectly warmed up after the barefoot warm-up and immediately started into my tempo run (I ran on packed dirt trails).

This is my favorite run in the world, being the hard tempo run. My form and technique was on cue today and my arm placement felt great as I've noticed I breathe easier and better with my arms a bit lower. I rarely run with an iPOD but I did my entire tempo run with my iPOD, tuned into a play list of rap music which was a nice change of pace.

My feet are a bit tired but that's normal since I run barefoot and in true minimalist footwear but that's the beauty of minimalist running as I'll accept tired feet (your feet recover amazingly fast) any day as opposed to plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis and runner's knee which occur when I run in traditional running shoes.

It's interesting that I've never been injured running barefoot or in Evo's. It's really too bad that 99% of runners will never have the guts or patience to find out there's truly not only a better way to run but a way to run without being one of the 50% - 70% of runners injured every year. The injury rate is not surprising considering 99% of runners are running in high heels (think about it).



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