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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 13th . . . shake out recovery strides . . .

At the advice of my wife, I elected to do some barefoot recovery strides as part of the recovery process from yesterday's track session which was the first time I did the entire session barefoot at race pace. My calves were pretty sore this morning, as expected. I also had some tenderness in my left Achilles and I'd have to say that's not a surprise either considering how much barefoot running I did at race pace and my left foot is not as strong as my right foot due to a long past history of left ankle injuries during my high school and collegiate basketball days.

Anyway, I did 8x200 easy strides barefoot on the roads with long recoveries in-between including walking uphill. I feel much better right now but I'll be on red zone alert for the next 72 hours. If I didn't enter the "too much too soon" world, I was close so I will be a bit cautious over the next 2-3 days and very closely listen to my body. I'm not sure what type of running I will do over the next couple days but I listen to my body and let it tell me what if wants and what it should do.


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