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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12th . . . a lot of barefootin'

I'm not sure what tomorrow holds for me. I just finished my first track workout of 100% barefoot at race pace and faster.
5 sets of 400x200x200 with 400 recovery in-between. And I did it barefoot, averaging 72 seconds for the 400's. I feel good right now but I'm nervous as to how I will feel tomorrow morning, but we'll see.

My body absolutely refused to run in shoes. I tried to put my MWU3's on and my body said "no." I tried to put on my Evo's and my body again said "no." It clearly told me it wanted no shoes and the only way it was going to allow me to run was barefoot.

I know one thing . . . tomorrow is a rest day :). I do a lot of barefoot running but not this much at race pace . . . easy runs yet but not race pace. I'm over-joyed that my feet held up and I feel good right now . . . but tomorrow will reveal the truth.


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