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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, April 25th . . . easy run . . .

I was planning to take today off but I felt good when I woke up so I decided to take a quick easy 40 min. run plus it would be good to workout after yesterday's Easter feast in which I had a few too many sweets. After many years, I'm able to enjoy these easy runs because I have the discipline (most of the time) to run easy and use easy runs to help me recovery from hard runs.

I ran in the Evo's and I'm going to stick with the Evo's for right now as the closer I get to barefoot, the better I feel. I like the Nike XC's but I'm starting to only use them when the terrain requires it. I going with the most minimalist footwear I can get away with taking into account the type of run, terrain and weather. It's also nice because my feet have adapted to the point that I can run in the Evo's sock-less without getting blisters which is great. The Evo's are awesome without socks.


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