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Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11th . . . total recovery run

45 min. total recovery run. I was tired and sore so that means either I rest or make sure it's a total recovery run. I ran very slowly and just worked on form, technique and turn-over. Many folks forget that you should still have a good turn-over, even when running slowly and a recovery run is a great opportunity to work on form.

I've run 3 consecutive days in the Evo's and absent a message from my body to do otherwise, I'll continue to run in the Evo's and add more barefoot running as it gets warmer outside. I still hold out hope that I can use the TP Vivo footwear 100%. They have an Ultra that will be released pretty soon as it's under 4oz. and that could be my racing shoe. Additionally, they are working on a trail shoe and if that works for me, then I can go 100% minimalist. In the meantime, the Nike XC is working for now but I hope that's a temporary solution.


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