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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19th . . . trail intervals . . .

A great 65 minute run with a 10 min. barefoot warm-up into 10x400 meter intervals on the dirt trails, averaging about 80-85 sec. per split. This is a bit slower than normal but considering I've run for about 15 straight days, I'm pretty happy. Things are going well and I'm working my way back into 5k shape. I'm feeling pretty good so I may take tomorrow off as I'm preparing for a May 1st 5k race which will be my first 5k race this calendar year. It will be a good gage as to where I'm at because I'm not exactly sure what type of 5k shape I'm in. The 5k, like any distance, is its animal.

I was initially going to focus on the 10k race but they are very difficult to find and 5k races are all over the place, as is half and full marathons. The 10k is almost a dying distance in terms of finding races to run that distance. In speaking with event planners, the 5k is so easy to setup and the half and full are so popular that the 10k is the forgotten distance, which is too bad because the 10k perhaps may be the best distance in terms of combining sheer speed and endurance.


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