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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 23rd . . . followed by a great run . . . Evo land . .

So yesterday's awful run was followed by a great run today. A wonderful 90 min. run with a 10 min. barefoot warm-up, ending with 5x800 at sub 6:00 pace. Now, I'm mentally ready for next week's 5k race. I'll do some 200 meter work mid-next week, then I'll really be ready.

So what did I learn? I was quickly reminded yesterday that you can't force speed and pace. You must listen to your body and it will tell you when it's ready to run fast. You also can't run with any tension. Speed results from relaxed running. These are all things I know but didn't practice yesterday and my body quickly let me know and ended my run early but I was rewarded today . It's the great thing about running as there's always tomorrow, and it's better to alter or stop a bad workout and resume the next day as opposed to forcing the issue on tough days which commonly trigger the injury chain.

The other thing I'm learning is the difference between "feel" and "float." When I want to "feel" the run, I run in Evo's. When I want to "float" I run in the more cushioned Nike XC's. Of course, when I race, I want to "feel" the run so I'll be running in my Evo's for next week's 5k.


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