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Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 30th . . . back to the future?

As I was going through my closet I found my original KSOs so I strapped them on and went for a 50 min. easy trail run and loved it. Of course, the KSO is my all-time favorite running shoe and holds a specific place in my heart as it was the first minimalist shoe I ever ran in. Suffice to say it got me thinking and I'm going to do some more runs in the KSO's and I'll likely purchase a pair of Speeds and Bikila's. I'm phasing out the Nike XC from my shoe rotation as I'm going 100% barefoot and minimalist footwear going forward.

As I've said, I've crossed that threshold after so many years of barefoot and minimalist running, such that almost all running shoes (even racing shoes) either hurt my feet, don't feel right, and/or have an impact (negative) on my form and technique. Some are better than others such as the Nike XC and MWU3 which I still recommend but they are just too much shoe for me at this point in my running progression.

It's scary how flexible and strong my feet and ankles have become since moving in this direction 3 years ago.


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