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Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Monday, May 16th . . . listen to the body . . .

As I woke this morning, my body tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I gave you my best for Saturday's 5k race and now I need the day off," so I took today off. It only took me several years to listen to my body and identify when I truly need rest and I need a rest day. My muscles are still sore and it's time to recover.

It's amazing how much a short 3.1 mile race can take out of you when you run all out. Only runners truly understand the intensity of the 5k when you are running for time and performance. You also have to understand the amount of muscle damage can be substantial from the 5k, especially for us masters' runners. I have my track workout tomorrow evening and I plan to attend but I'm not planning on doing any speed work, just some nice strides, or as I call it, a "on and off" workout with 200's at medium effort followed by 200's easy (anywhere from 12-20 sets).


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