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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19th . . . continuing down the Ultra path . . .

Another 6 mile run in the Ultra's with a basic running sock (I took out the plug-in sock). It was rainy and cold and the Ultra performed great on hard surfaces and soft trails (it wasn't the greatest in mud but it wasn't designed for that). I'm still pretty blown again and I know Tuck, Gordo and others must be laughing at me but this is beyond my expectations.

For me, this is the most "non-intrusive" shoe I've run in. It is surpassing the KSO which was my all-time favorite but for me, the toe construction always caused me some problems but the Ultra is perfect.

I do want to clarify for others considering the Ultra, do not expect a traditional running experience. The Ultra is unlike any shoe I've ever run in. The construction and feel is unique. You look at it and think, "it's a croc-like sandal," but it is a legit running shoe which was unexpected. I still don't know about the durability but the construction of the sole provides an experience must closer to barefoot running that the Evo because the sole of the Evo isn't nearly as responsive and the weight of the Evo is significant as compared to the Ultra, or really light footwear like MWU3's and KSO's. When you run in the Ultra without the plug-in insole, it feels like air and you can forget anything is on your feet.

I will warn as with any light minimalist zero drop shoe, if you don't do a lot barefoot running or true minimalist running, be conservative in terms of the mileage and intensity because you will be working the Achilles, plantar and foot much more.


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  1. Thanks so much for these reviews of the Ultra! I got myself a pair today!


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