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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2nd . . . post race recovery . . .

I woke up a lot more sore than I anticipated so I ran very very slowly as part of my post race recovery. A very easy 45 minutes with 8 minutes of barefoot warm-up. The only goal of this workout is to increase blood flow to support the healing process.

Post-race recovery is critical but even more important for masters' runners as you really need to listen to your body and when in doubt, play in conservatively as you get older. Now allowing the body to repair itself especially after races often results in injury. It's always better to play in safe and even take a day off to avoid the injury. It's always better to miss one day and come back strong as opposed to getting injured and spending months trying to recover and as you get older, it takes longer and longer to recover from injury.


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