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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's my next challenge?

I started running 4 years ago with a few goals in mind. First, enjoy my running and run as injury free as possible. Second, a sub 18:00 5k. Third, a sub 38:00 10k. Well, I've achieved those goals. I haven't been injured in 26+ months and I've achieved those race times. Now, I'm bored :). I can't believe it. I have to find a new challenge!!!



  1. Harry,

    Its has been great to follow your progress toward your goals...especially how to listen to your body and run pain free. I am getting there...AT and PF is gone and my wife said during last nights run my stride is smooth and effortless. She may be biased.

    Anyway you should update your "personal best" stats to reflect your new times. CONGRATS again and here is to conquering a new challenge.


  2. Congrats Harry. Been fun reading your blog and posts on the minimalist google group. Sounds like the next step after 5K and 10K is the half-marathon!

    Stay injury free and happy!


  3. @ Scott, thanks for reminding me to update my info as it has been awhile. Isn't it awesome when you find that smooth & effortless stride?

    @Chris, it's on the list. Not sure if I will move up to the half or try to focus more on country country and mountain trail running.


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