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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Aug. 22nd . . . getting back into it . . .

My daughter's tennis dominated the weekend so my running schedule was off a bit and I had to take yesterday off so I decided to be very conservative 45 min. short easy run today, a bit longer tomorrow, then resume my normal stuff . . .



  1. Harry,

    I am thinking about purchasing the Luna Original with the hemp laces. I know you run some trials in CO. Do you use your Luna's on them? If so how do you like them? What the the trials like?

    I would like to wear them while running in the Smokey Mountains.


  2. I use the Luna's on packed dirt trails and small pebbles/rock trails but not the super technical stuff. I think they work great unless you are talking about Leadville 100 type terrain in which case I use something with more protection.


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