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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15th . . . second half of the double

65 min. track workout including 8 sets of 400 x 200 x 200 recovery. 400's at sightly faster than 10k pace; 200's at slightly faster than 5k pace. My legs felt pretty good considering I ran for about 50 min. in the morning. I'm definitely taking today off as I have normal expected soreness but there's no reason to push the envelope when I'll be recovered after a day off, plus I did a double session.

Since my track group meets on Tuesday night and my daughter plays tennis every Wednesday morning, I'm fooling around with the best running schedule for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and taking into account Sunday is my long run. So next week, instead of the double session, I will experiment with continuing my long run on Sunday but doing a Monday night run, then Tuesday night track which will give my body more than 24 hours to recover before the track session, then take Wednesday off. My thought is that is a better approach.

I know my body very well know and 2 things tend to beat it up. First, is double sessions. Second is track sessions but the track sessions are good for speed work and form tuning but I need to be adequately rested before and take at least 24 hours off after. As you become a masters' runner like myself you need to be very careful and conscious as to the speed work you do. Speed work by nature increases the changes of injury so it must be managed very carefully to ensure you get the benefits of speed work without putting your body at danger. In other words, be very respectful of speed work. Many folks do not understand the impact of speed work on the body.


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