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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Long Run Sunday

Just dusted off 17.36 miles in 2:31:12.  Held a good pace on the front 8 and tuned it down on the back 8 and concentrated on my form and breathing.  I ran in racing flats; the Asics HyperSpeed 3's; I love em'.  I'm a big supporter of barefoot running and minimalist running.  I may never become a true barefoot runner but I do run barefoot and with my Vibram's FiveFingers which is very close to barefoot running.  The thing is that barefoot running is the natural way to run and it improves the strength of the foot and forces you back to your childhood when you have perfect running form.  It is a huge benefit when I do return to shoes although I'll never return to the big cushion shoes and various crazy technologies that add all this unncessary padding.  I can feel the ground with my Asics running flats and it feels great.  It is low enought to the ground so that my nerves can communicate with my brain and let me know what's going on with my body; when I can speed up; when to slow down; how to attack hills; etc.

I recommend this to everyone.


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